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Where will I be taken once I Register?

If you enter all your details, but choose to 'Pay Later', you will reach Dashboard where you will be again reminded to make the payment. If you complete payment process, you will reach Profile Page - where you will be asked to complete your Profile. Don't forget to upload your profile picture.

Can I take this test any time online, any day at my convenience?

Yes. You can give tests anytime as per your convenience. Once a test is activated from our end, you can take the test anytime, any day till June 01, 2019. After 2019 prelims, you will be allowed only to download 2019 test papers in PDF format from downloads section. So, please try to stick to the Timetable!

Can I take test in Hindi or English?

2019 mock tests available only in English.

How many times can I give one Test?

Initially you can give each test only one time. You need not worry regarding revision. We will increase number of retakes to 2 more times 50 days before Prelims 2018. This ensures fair ranking system and seriousness among subscribers who strictly follow the Timetable.

Will I get PDF of questions and solutions?

Yes. Once you complete the test, a PDF will be generated automatically which will be sent to your registered email. You can also see the same in your dashboard. You can also download a copy for reference. But please do not share them with anyone if you want to see honest rankings!

Will there be All India Ranking?

Yes. All India Ranking will be there for each Test.

How Ranking is Decided?

You will see two rankings for each test in your dashboard. One Rank will be static and another dynamic. Static rank is based on the number of students who give a particular date before a cut-off date i.e. a day before next scheduled test. Dynamic rank is the one that varies as more number of students give each test. Static rank is more authentic if you want to gauge your performance.

Will I get Rank if I give tests after its scheduled date?

Yes. However, you will get dynamic ranking, but not the static ranking. For difference between two rankings, please refer above FAQ.

Which papers of UPSC civil services does this test series cover?

This test series has 32 tests for General Studies Paper - 1 of UPSC civil services preliminary exam.

Where do I read reviews about your Test Series?

You can read them here: 2014 Test Series:
http://discuss.forumias.com/discussion/5051/insights-test-series-review-needed/p1 2015 Test Series (please check comments):
All reviews are written voluntarily by our previous subscribers.
We do not believe in false marketing. Our tests are known for their quality, preciseness and comprehensiveness in their approach to UPSC preliminary exam.

How many tests will be conducted?

There will be full length 32 Tests on General Studies Paper 1, Further, There shall be 12 Tests on CSAT. So total 44 tests in full package.

How many questions will be there in each test?

Each Test will have 100 questions framed from sources mentioned in the detailed timetable which you can see in your dashboard and on our website.

Will you give complete schedule for whole test series?

Yes. A schedule for complete Test Series is available both on our Main website (www.insightsonindia.com) and on this website.

Which books will you cover in these tests?

All book names are mentioned along with chapters to be covered in the detailed Schedule

Will you cover current events in each test?

Yes. Current events from June 2018 to April - 2019 will be covered under test series (Which means, we will frame questions based on these current events)

Is this test series only Online?

No. Tests will be conducted both on a dedicated online portal and in classroom in Bangalore centre.

How different is classroom test series?

In Bangalore we are conducting offline (classroom) Test Series for Prelims. Cost is 10000/-. You will be given question paper (hard copy), OMR sheet and then soft copy of Solutions. There will not be any discussion after Tests. You can come at any time to give exam.

Will you give Feedback on our Mains answers if we post them online?

This is a bonus feature. Form groups among yourself and please review each other's answers. If possible we too will review, but can not promise this.

When will we get Previous year Insights Test Series questions papers and their Solutions?

We have provided 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Tests along with Solutions for free download under Download Section.

Whom shall I contact if I face technical problem?

Please send an email to this ID: support@insightsias.com

When is the last date for making Payment?

You can pay till next year. But it is suggested that you start early by making payment early so that you can follow the timetable and be free from any kind of pressure later.

Is there any discount on 2019 test series for previous subscribers?

Yes. There is 20% discount on all 2019 test series packages for Insights Previous years test series subscribers. Note: Discount offer applies to 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Full Package subscribers only

Is Insights Prelims Test Series 2019 available in Hindi?

No, Insights Prelims Test Series 2019 is available only in English. Our 2018 hindi subscribers can also avail the discount offer if they want to subscribe to 2019 test series in English. No Hindi Language tests available.

Should I subscribe to Full Syllabus package now or Can I subscribe later?

You can subscribe now or later. Please check with the test dates and subscribe before to practice well and take tests

Can I subscribe to more than one package?

If you have subscribed to full package, then all package tests are included in that , so no more subscription option available. If you have subscribed to any of the other packages, you can subscribe to any other package that is available for you on your dashboard. You can find available package in Test Package and Payment tab in the left menu of your dashboard. busty spandex anal teen caged teen fucks a big cock mother exchange full porn movie